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AV Systems Perform Better When Powered by Torus

If you put the wrong gas in your high-end car, you won’t get the performance you paid for. Here, Torus Power’s Kevin Main explains how power is the gas of any AV system, whether it’s a small two-channel system or a huge home theater. Like your vehicle’s fuel, Torus Power isolation transformer power conditioners are […]

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Torus Power Isolation Transformers Dramatically Reduce Noise Floor

Torus Power’s Kevin Main tells us how he has been involved in hundreds of installations in which Torus Power isolation transformers and power transformers have been used. The result is the same every time: Knowledgeable integrators all comment on how Torus Toroidal Isolation changes the noise background with a reduced noise floor that results in […]

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Northmar appointed PNW Representative for Torus Power

We are pleased to announce that Northmar has been appointed the new representative for Torus Power in the Pacific Northwest! Known for its power components that isolate the AV system, Torus Power products are engineered to provide high instantaneous power to the system, filter noise present in the system, protect the connected equipment from electrical fluctuations and […]

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