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Why Fiber? Eight Pillars of Secure Digital Communications

Patton Electronics, Burt Patton Why choose fiber? When would I use fiber instead of copper? These are common questions our clients ask. While copper and fiber each have viable roles in network designs, some folks may be less familiar with the benefits of fiber-optic cabling infrastructure. With this in mind, we have put together a […]

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Turning on IPv6: Why do it?

W. Glendon Flower, Product Marketing Manager, Patton Electronics Co Pv6 is “adulting.”  No longer a playground for innovators and early adopters, the new-generation technology has “grown up” having now reached early majority status. So, the IP-networking world is turning IPv6 on, and turning IPv4 off. But why?           Well for starters, all five of the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs)—nonprofit corporations that […]

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Patton and FiberPlex Join Forces to Build Enterprise Communications Infrastructure Powerhouse

New solutions from the combined core technologies and product portfolios enhance value to Patton and FiberPlex customers, channels and ecosystem partners. GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND: Patton Electronics-US manufacturer of UC, cloud, and IoT enabling solutions for carrier, enterprise and industrial networks-has executed a strategic transaction with FiberPlex Technologies-supplier of secure fiber-based digital communications to US Government and commercial […]

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