Strong/MDI Circular Domino Frame and Studioview Screen featured at MMFA

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Chagall: Color and Music.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts needed a solution to project Chagall’s work of art on the Opera of Paris ceiling as part of the exhibit Chagall: color and music. After considering ambient light, the nature of the content being projected and knowing that projection was to be done on both sides of the surface, the choice was made to use our translucent off-white Studioview screen. This surface combines the characteristics required for both front and rear projection. The project also required a circular Domino frame to recreate the shape of the ceiling.
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Marc Chagall’s ceiling for the Opéra de Paris (1964), projection on screen as part of the exhibition « Chagall : color and music », presented January 28th to June 11th 2017 a Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts.
© SODRAC et ADAGP 2017, Chagall
Photo MBAM/MMFA, Denis Farley