Northmar appointed PNW Rep for One Systems, Inc.

We are happy to announce that we are the new PNW representatives for
One Systems and On Point Audio!

One Systems designs and builds high intelligibility premium loudspeakers that deliver top-class performance that are impervious to any weather condition. Their models aren’t just speakers with direct-weather capability – they’re incredible, high-performance speakers that can be used outdoors or inside. One Systems designs products from scratch and builds its own drivers using advanced acoustic technologies like our patented Equivalent Throat Technology™ and Inside/Only Voice Coil™ designs that ensure high vocal intelligibility, superb full-range frequency response and genuine musical clarity for the best possible sound in any environment. One Systems models deliver years of premium audio performance for applications in any weather condition.

On Point Audio’s founders have been involved in professional audio for decades and have created some of the world’s most widely-used products for several leading brands.  They have worked with renowned musical artists, with tour sound companies, and at key venues where only the best performance will do.  In short, they know how to design and build speakers that deliver the quality demanded by system designers, audio engineers, and audiences.  Utilizing best-in-class technology and by manufacturing speaker components in-house, On Point Audio controls its quality and delivers premium-grade, high-performance speakers that simply sound better than competitive models in their price range.

One System is also a distributor of P.Audio, a high quality supplier of a wide range of both professional audio components and complete systems since 1991.
P. Audio offers a range of Portable PA loudspeakers, Install Sound loudspeakers and Touring speakers.